XIAOMI Mi 10T – Full Review

Xiaomi Mi 10T is a brand’s flagship phone that was released in 2020. However, price-wise it’s more of a mid-ranger. It sells at a very reasonable price, especially if we take into account everything the phone offers us. It’s still isn’t the cheapest phone you will find, but it’s quite a bargain for such quality. The phone has a great chipset and amazing battery life. The camera performance is awesome and there really aren’t any major issues here.


The design is very beautiful. The back is slightly curved and there are no sharp corners or edges. The phone is feels very comfortable in the hand and it’s also not too heavy. Additionally, the featured materials are really high end ones, which only the best phones use. Both front and back are covered with Gorilla Glass 5 and offer a very good protection on its own. The phone is resistant to drops and scratches. However, fingerprints and smudges are very visible on the glossy finish.


Xiaomi Mi 10T features a 6.67 inch IPS LCD display, which is the same as you will find on Huawei P smart 2021. It has a 1080p Full HD resolution rather than QHD resolution, which is a thing of more premium phones. Still you will find very fast refresh rate here – 144 Hz. Swiping looks super smooth and display is awesome. There is also support for HDR10+. Content on the screen looks pretty decent. This is one of the best LCDs out there. Contrast is great and the viewing experience is amazing. Colours may not be really that accurate, but you can further adjust them.


The phone is powered by Snapdragon 865 5G chipset. The performance here is awesome, as you would expect.  The phone is appropriate for more complex uses and can run basically any game out there. You will find a gaming experience here to be exquisite. The phone is very power efficient as well, so it will make this experience even longer. The chipset is further paired with Adreno 650, which is known to be a very good and capable graphic processing unit. As far as RAM goes, you are most likely to get a version with 6 GB of RAM; however, there is possibility of finding a version with 8 GB. Basic users will find 6 GB to be more than enough. You will be able to execute every task and do all sorts of stuff from running apps to playing games. You can even multitask. Although, if you fill like you need more RAM than you can always seek out a version with 8 GB, which should be sufficient even for demanding games. The storage you will find here has 128 GB, which is plenty. However, it’s not expandable, so this amount of memory has to do.


The quality of cameras is surprisingly good for a mid-range phone and is one of the phones strong points. The phone features triple camera setup, with one 64 MP main camera, one 13 MP ultrawide camera and a 5 MP macro camera for close-up shots. You will find the daytime photos to be extremely good. The phone really makes high quality photos. There is impressive amount of detail with almost no noise. Dynamic range is very good and photos appear very sharp. Colours look pretty natural. Zooming will cause loss of sharpness and detail and the quality will drop. However, photos still look good and beat some of the competition. Portraits look good and the edge detection works quite fine. Phone does a good job in low light as well. Sharpness is decent with good contrast and well preserved colours. The dynamic range remains quite wide.

As far as video recording goes, you are able to make 8K footages at 30 fps. There is also an option for 4K footages and regular 1080p footages. These videos all look great and have very good quality. Sharpness is good with the right amount of detail. Also, noise has been reduced to a minimum.


Battery life here is just wonderful. The amount of time that this phone can last on a full charge is simply stunning. Xiaomi Mi 10T comes with 5000 mAh non-removable battery, which will last almost 120 hours on a full charge, depending on a usage of course. However, it will get you through the day without a slightest problem and you don’t even need to charge it every day. You will also get a super fast 33W charger, which will have your phone back at full power in no time, as it takes less than an hour to get from 0 to 100%. There is no option for wireless charging though.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, Xiaomi Mi 10T is a very good phone that comes at a very good price. You really get a great deal. The phone comes with great chipset and awesome camera capabilities. The battery life is also great, so there is not a single problem with the main features of the phone. You are sure to enjoy it, so we would definitely recommend you to buy this one.