Baldur’s Gate 3 Warlock Sorcerer Multiclass Build – Sorlock 400+ DAMAGE A TURN

In Baldur’s Gate 3, Warlock Sorcerer Multiclass Build is the best blaster build as it can output more than 400 damage a turn. This build can fire 15 Eldrich blast beams in turn with the help of haste spell, action surge, and quickened spell. Remember that at character level 10, you can fire 3 Eldrich Blast beams. So we can fire 2 EB hastened, 1 EB with action surge, 1 EB with quickened spell with our bonus action, and 1 EB with the help of our Gemini Gloves that let us double cast our EB cantrip, so that is 5EB x 3 Beams = 15 EB beam blasts!

warlock sorcerer multiclass build sorlock

We will build a character of 2 levels in Warlock, 8 levels in Sorcerer, and 2 levels in Fighter. You can use the links below to scroll down to the relevant section. The level progression will look like this:

  • Starting Ability Points: STR 10, DEX 16, CON 14, INT 8, WIS 10, CHA 16 (link)
  • Character level 1: Sorcerer level 1 – Subclass: Draconic Bloodline; Spells: Shield; Draconic Ancestor:  White (link)
  • Character level 2: Warlock level 1 – Subclass: The Archfay; Cantrip: Eldrich Blast; Spell: Hex (link)
  • Character level 3: Warlock level 2– Eldritch Invocation: Agonising Blast, Repelling Blast; Spell: Hellish Rebuke (link)
  • Character level 4: Sorcerer level 2– Spells: Leap; Metamagic: Twinned Spell & Distant Spells (link)
  • Character level 5: Sorcerer level 3– Spell: Misty Step; Metamagic: Quickened Spell, Replace Magic Missile Spell and take Hold Person (link)
  • Character level 6: Fighter level 1 – Fighting Style: Protection (link)
  • Character level 7: Fighter level 2 – Action: Action Surge (link)
  • Character level 8: Sorcerer level 4 – Spell: Scorching Ray; Feat: Ability Improvement +2 CHA (link)
  • Character level 9: Sorcerer level 5 – Spell: Haste; Spell: Lightning Bolt or Fireball (link)
  • Character level 10: Sorcerer level 6 – Spell: Slow or Counterspell are both great options (link)
  • Character level 11: Sorcerer level 7 – Spell: Confusion for crowd control (link)
  • Character level 12: Sorcerer level 8 – Spell: Greater Invisibility for defense; Feat: Ability Improvement +2 CHA (link)

Itemization – We will items that will increase the damage of our Eldrich Blast beams. For weapons, I suggest a longsword Phalar Aluve for its Shriek ability. For exact itemization and buffing, check the section here.

If you want to try another similar build that is extremely strong, I suggest you check out my BG3 Paladin Sorcerer Multiclass build.

This article will break the build down level by level and tell you exactly what skills, feats, and spells to take to build the best blaster character in Baldur’s Gate 3. Let’s first look at the starting ability point requirements for a Warlock/Sorcerer multiclass build.

Warlock/Sorcerer Multiclass Build – Level by Level

Starting Ability Points

You should start the build with ability points of STR 10, DEX 16, CON 14, INT 8, WIS 10, CHA 16.

Warlock Sorcerer multiclass starting ability point distribution
Warlock Sorcerer multiclass starting ability point distribution

Character lvl 1 – Sorcerer lvl 1

We will start with 1 level in sorcerer to get our constitution proficiency saving throws to maintain the concentration of spells better.

  • Sorcerer Subclass: Draconic BloodlineDraconic Ancestor: White to get access to Armour of Agathys spell. We will also gain additional HP per sorcerer level by being a Draconic Bloodline Sorcerer.
BG3 Sorcerer Draconic Bloodline subclass
  • Spell: Shield – When hit, use these spells as a reaction to increase your AC by +5, making you almost impossible to hit.
BG3 Sorcerer Shield Spell

Character lvl 2 – Warlock lvl 1

At level 2, we multiclass into Warlock to access the best cantrip in the game – Eldrich Blast.

  • Warlock Subclass: The Archfay
warlock archfey subclass
  • Cantrip: Eldrich Blast – this will be our bread and butter of this build
warlock sorcerer eldrich blast cantrip
  • Spells: Hex – this spell makes each of your Eldrich Blast Beams deal an additional 1-6 necrotic damage.
warlock sorcerer hex spell

Character lvl 3 – Warlock lvl 2

At Warlock level 2, you will gain access to Eldrich Invocations. Make sure to pick Agonising Blast and Repelling Blast.

  • Eldrich Invocations: Agonising Blast – allows you to add your charisma modifier to the Eldrich Blast damage.
warlock eldrich invocation agonising blast
  • Eldrich Invocations: Repelling Blast – allows you to add your charisma modifier to the Eldrich Blast damage.
warlock eldrich invocation repelling blast
  • Spell: Hellish Rebuke
warlock sorcerer hellish rebuke spell

Character lvl 4 – Sorcerer level 2

At level 4 we will continue leveling up our Sorcerer class. At Sorcerer level 2 we will gain Metamagic – make sure to pick Twinned Spell & Distant Spells.

  • Metamagic: Twinned Spell & Distant Spells.
sorcerer metamagic twinned spell
sorcerer metamagic distant spell
  • Spells: Enhanced Leap
warlock sorcerer enhanced leap spell

Character lvl 5 – Sorcerer level 3

At sorcerer level 3, we get access to the Quickened Metamagic spell, which is an essential part of this build. We will also be taking Misty Step and Hold Person spells. Hold person will allow our Eldrich Blast to always roll a critical hit against the held target.

  • Metamagic: Quickened Spell – this allows you to cas Eldrich Blast as a bonus action
sorcerer metamagic quickened spell
  • Spells: Misty Step
warlock sorcerer misty step spell
  • Spells: Hold Person
warlock sorcerer hold person spell

Character lvl 6 – Fighter level 1

At character level 6, we multiclass into a fighter. The fighting style that we will be taking is Protection.

  • Fighting Style: Protection
fighter fighting style protection

Character lvl 7 – Fighter level 2

At character level 7, we will be Fighter level 2, and here is where we get our Action Surge.

  • Action: Action Surge
fighter action surge

Character lvl 8 – Sorcerer level 4

From character level 8 we will just be leveling up our Sorcerer class. At Sorcerer level 4 we will get a feat – make sure you choose Ability Improvement and increase your CHA by +2.

  • Feat: Ability Improvement – increase your CHA by +2
warlock sorcerer ability improvement
  • Spells: Scorching Ray – great spell to nuke your targets affected by Hold Person
warlock sorcerer scorching ray spell

Character lvl 9 – Sorcerer level 5

At Sorcerer level 5, we get access to Haste, which is also an essential part of this build. This will allow you to have 2 actions instead of 1 in a turn, allowing you to fire 2 Eldrich Blasts.

  • Spell: Haste – 2 actions per turn
warlock sorcerer haste spell
  • Spell: Fireball
warlock sorcerer fireball spell
  • Spell: Lightning Bolt
warlock sorcerer lightning bolt spell

Character lvl 10 – Sorcerer level 6

  • Spell: Counterspell
warlock sorcerer counterspell spell
  • Spell: Slow
warlock sorcerer slow spell

Character lvl 11 – Sorcerer level 7

  • Spell: Confusion – great crowd control spell
warlock sorcerer confusion spell

Character lvl 12 – Sorcerer level 8

  • Spell: Greater Invisibility
warlock sorcerer greater invisibility spell
  • Feat: Ability Improvement – with the second ability improvement, we can increase our CHA to 20, giving each of our Eldrich Blast even more damage.
warlock sorcerer ability improvement 2

Paladin/Sorcerer Multiclass Build – Itemization

We will be taking all the equipment that will help us increase our Eldrich Blast damage. The items are the following:

  • Potent Robe – a great item to increase your cantrip damage – Eldrich Blast in our case. This also stacks with Agonizing Blast! The Potent Robe is sold by a trader in the Last Light Inn.
Potent Robe
  • Next up, we have a trio of items that work great together – Luminous Gloves, Coruscation Ring and Callous Glow Ring.
Luminous Gloves
Coruscation Ring
Callous Glow Ring
  • For weapon, we will be using Phalar Aluve – use its Shrieking Melody ability to deal more damage per each Eldrich Blast. Phalar Aluve can be found in the Underdark in Act 1 – pull it out of a stone.
Phalar Aluve
Phalar Aluve Shriek


And that is all folks! I hope you enjoy the build, and let me know in the comments if there is something I missed that works great with the build.

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