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Baldur’s Gate 3 Paladin Sorcerer Multiclass Build – Sorcadin Tank

The Sorcadin is one of the most elite builds in BG3. With Sorcerer’s high spells slots, it is far superior to the plain vanilla Paladin. The upcasted Divine Smites can dish out insane amounts of damage. Not only is this build great in melee, but it also has the versatility of all the Sorcerer spells. Sorcadin is also one of the best lone-wolf builds because it is highly tanky and can also deal a lot of damage.

sorcerer paladin multiclass build sorcadin

The Sorcerer spells can provide you and your party with essential buffs like haste, bless, and other supporting spells, pushing your AC so high enemies will have a hard time hitting you. I would dare say that in Baldur’s Gate 3, Paladin Sorcerer Multiclass Build is among the strongest builds out there! So, let’s break the build down.

For this build, we will always be wearing heavy plate armor and the best shield you can find. Equipment combined with some protection spells will make you nearly invincible. Your main damage source will be coming from Divine Smites, using those Sorcerer’s high-level spells slots.

We will build a character of 6 levels in Paladin and 6 levels in Sorcerer. You can use the links below to scroll down to the relevant section. The level progression will look like this:

  • Starting Ability Points: STR 16, DEX 12, CON 14, INT 8, WIS 10, CHA 15 (link)
  • Character level 1: Paladin level 1 – Subclass: Oath Of Vengeance (link)
  • Character level 2: Paladin level 2 – Fighting Style: Duelling; Actions: Divine Smith; Spell: Shield of Faith (link)
  • Character level 3: Paladin level 3– Class Feature: Divine Health (link)
  • Character level 4: Paladin level 4– Feat: War Caster (link)
  • Character level 5: Paladin level 5– Class Feature: Extra Attack; Oath Spells: Misty Step & Hold Person (link)
  • Character level 6: Paladin level 6 – Actions: Aura of Protection (link)
  • Character level 7: Sorcerer level 1 – Subclass: Draconic Bloodline; Spell: Shield (link)
  • Character level 8: Sorcerer level 2 – Spell: False Life; Metamagic: Twinspell and Extended Spell (link)
  • Character level 9: Sorcerer level 3 – Spell: Scorching Ray; Metamagic: Quickened Spell(link)
  • Character level 10: Sorcerer level 4 – Feat – Ability Improvement: STR 18; Spell: Mirror Image (link)
  • Character level 11: Sorcerer level 5 – Spell: Haste – insanely good and a must-have when soloing the game (link)
  • Character level 12: Sorcerer level 6 – Spell: Fireball, Slow, Counterspell are all great options (link)

Itemization – We will use the heaviest armor and the best shields we can find. For weapons, I suggest a longsword, as there are plenty of extremely good options. For exact itemization and buffing, check the section here.

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This article will break the build down level by level and tell you exactly what skills, feats, and spells to take to build a super tanky character in Baldur’s Gate 3. Let’s first look at the starting ability point requirements for a Paladin/Sorcerer multiclass build.

Paladin/Sorcerer Multiclass Build – Level by Level

Starting Ability Points

The race and background are pretty much irrelevant for this build, but you might consider Thieflings, as they get additional smites for paladin levels. You should start the build with ability points of STR 16, DEX 12, CON 14, INT 8, WIS 10, CHA 15.

Paladin Sorcerer multiclass starting ability point distribution
Paladin Sorcerer multiclass starting ability point distribution

Character lvl 1 – Paladin lvl 1 – Oath of Vengeance

  • Select the class: Paladin – This will give us access to heavy armor and shields.
  • Select the subclass: Oath of Vengeance – the subclass is not really relevant for this build, but I like the Oath of Vengeance for extra damage with Inquisitor’s Might.
BG3 Paladin Oath Of Vengeance Inquisitor's Might Feature
  • For skill proficiencies, I like to take Athletics and Intimidation.

Character lvl 2 – Paladin lvl 2

At Paladin level 3, we get to choose a Fighting Style. I would go with Duelling since we will use a sword and shield for this build. We also get access to spells – make sure you prepare the Shield Of Faith spell, as it is core for this build. And not to forget, we get the most important damage-dealing action – Divine Smite.

  • Fighting Style: Duelling – We will use a sword and shield to make us tanky.
BG3 Paladin Duelling Fighting Style
  • Spells: Shield Of Faith – always cast this after long resting, as it will give you +2 to AC until a long rest.
BG3 Paladin Shield of Faith level 1 spell
  • Action: Divine Smite – This will be our main source of damage
BG3 Paladin Divine Smite action

Character lvl 3 – Paladin lvl 3

At Paladin level 3, we get our oaths spells – Bane and Hunter’s Mark – and Divine Health, which prevents diseases from affecting you. We also get Abjure Enemy and Vow of Enmity action. These are all great skills for taking down one really strong target.

  • Class Feature: Divine Health – immunity to diseases
BG3 Paladin DivineHealth Class Feature
  • Actions: Abjure Enemy and Vow of Enmity
BG3 Paladin Abjure Enemy
BG3 Paladin Vow of Enmity
  • Oath Spells: Bane and Hunter’s Mark
BG3 Paladin Bane Oath Spell
BG3 Paladin Hunter's Mark Oath Spell

Character lvl 4 – Paladin lvl 4

At level 4, you will get access to another feat, and we will take the War Caster feat. This build will heavily rely on concentrating on your spells to maintain them, so the War Caster feat is a great option.

  • Feat: Warcaster – increased saving throws on maintaining concentration
BG3 Warcaster feat

Character lvl 5 – Paladin lvl 5

At level 5, the paladin class gets a power spike, and that is due to the Extra Attack Class feature. We will also get our Oath Spells: Misty Step and Hold person.

  • Class Feature: Extra Attack
BG3 Extra Attack Class Feature
  • Oaths Spells: Misty Step – a great spell for strategic positioning. Hold person is an excellent crow control spell, especially later when we can cast it through the sorcerer’s superior spell slots.
BG3 Paladin Misty Step Oath Spell
BG3 Paladin Hold Person Oath Spell

Character lvl 6 – Paladin lvl 6

At level 6 we get our Aura of Protection. This is an amazing ability that increases the saving throws of all allies nearby by your Charisma modifier.

  • Action: Aura of Protection – At Charisma 20, you can increase the saving throws of all your nearby allies by +5!
BG3 Paladin Aura of Protection Action

Character lvl 7 – Paladin lvl 6 Sorcerer lvl 1

At character level 7 we will be multiclassing into Sorcerer. We will be multiclassing into the Draconic Bloodline subclass, as it gives us additional HP per sorcerer level, helping us increase our survivability. If you plan to use a lot of fire-damaging spells like fireball, then it would make sense to take Gold or Brass Draconic Bloodline. From spells, make sure to take Shield spell, as it is a core spell for this build. This spell will make us nearly invincible with our already high armor class. Whenever an enemy succeeds in hitting us, we can use the Shield spell as a reaction to increasing our AC by +5, making it almost impossible to be hit. This way, we will never break our concentration and keep our high AC.

  • Sorcerer Subclass: Draconic BloodlineGold or Brass Draconic Bloodline – we will gain additional HP per sorcerer level and increase our Fire damage with fireball spells.
BG3 Sorcerer Draconic Bloodline subclass
  • Spell: Shield – When hit, use these spells as a reaction to increase your AC by +5, making you almost impossible to hit.
BG3 Sorcerer Shield Spell

Character lvl 8 – Paladin lvl 6 Sorcerer lvl 2

At character level 8, we will be sorcerer level 2, which means we will get our first sorcerer point and Metamagic spells. I would advise you to take some utility spells like False Life. For Metamagic, make sure you take Twinspell and Extended Spell.

  • Spell: False Life – gain some extra temporary hitpoints for increased survivability.
BG3 Sorcerer False Life Spell
  • Metamagic: Twin spell – you can cast a spell 2 times. Extended Spell – make a spell last longer.

Character lvl 9 – Paladin lvl 6 Sorcerer lvl 3

At character level 9 we become a sorcerer level 3. This will give us access to level 2 spells. We will be taking our first fire-damaging spell – Scorching Ray. We also get another Metamagic spell – make sure to take Quickened spell.

  • Spell: Scorching Ray – the higher level spell slot you use the more rays you will fire. Use this spell with Hold Person because whenever you successfully hold a person, you will automatically critical hit the enemy with each ray!
BG3 Sorcerer Scorching Ray Spell
  • Metamagic – Quickened Spell – You can now cast a spell via the bonus action, effectively being able to cast two spells in a turn.

Character lvl 10 – Paladin lvl 6 Sorcerer lvl 4

At Sorcerer level 4 we get another Feat – I suggest taking ability improvement and increasing your STR or CHA. For spells, I would take another defensive spell like mirror image, but you can take whatever you like at this point.

  • Feat: Ability Improvement – Increase your STR to 18
BG3 Sorcerer Ability Improvement
  • Spell: Mirror Image – If you ever break your concentration, you can cast mirror image to ensure you will not be hit for a few turns and reapply your buffs.
BG3 Sorcerer Mirror Image Spell

Character lvl 11 – Paladin lvl 6 Sorcerer lvl 5

At Sorcerer level 5, we get access to level 3 spells. Make sure you take Haste, as this will make you an absolute monster on the battlefield. You can dish out 4 attacks per round, not counting your bonus action. You can also replace some non-core spells with level 3 ones.

  • Spell: Haste – doubles the number of attacks per turn
BG3 Sorcerer Haste Spell

Character lvl 12 – Paladin lvl 6 Sorcerer lvl 6

At Sorcerer level 6, we can consider taking and replacing more spells into level 3 spells. I would consider taking spells like Fireball, Slow, or Counterspell.

  • Spell: Fireball – one of the best AOE damaging spells that works excellent with your Dragon Ancestry of Gold or Brass
BG3 Sorcerer Fireball Spell
  • Spell: Counterspell – great when lone-wolfing as it can prevent you from being affected by a dangerous spell like hold person.
BG3 Sorcerer Counterspell Spell
  • Spell: Slow – great crowd control spell
BG3 Sorcerer Slow Spell

Paladin/Sorcerer Multiclass Build -Itemization

  • Armor – make sure you wear the best heavy armor you can find. The Flawed Helldusk Armour is a great option.
Flawed Helldusk Armour
  • Gauntlets Dark Justiciar Gauntlets for extra necrotic damage and saving throws.
Dark Justiciar Gauntlets
  • Ring Killer’s Sweetheart to ensure you perform a critical hit and follow up with your Divin smite reaction!
Killer's Sweetheart
  • Cloak – use the Cloak of Protection for +1 to AC and saving throws.
Cloak of Protection
  • Boots Boots of Striding ensuring we never get knocked prone, as we will always be concentrating on a spell with this build.
Boots of Striding
  • Necklace – Broodmother’s Revenge for additional weapon damage.
Broodmother's Revenge
  • Shield – Shield Of Devotion is a great option, as it can be purchased at the merchant in the  Last Light Inn.
Shield Of Devotion
  • Weapon – Blood Of Lathander is a great bludgeoning weapon, and it can be found early in the game.
Blood Of Lathander


And that is all folks! I hope you enjoy the build, and let me know in the comments if there is something I missed that works great with the build.

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