SAMSUNG Galaxy S20 Ultra – Full Review

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is for sure one of the best Samsung phones out there. It’s big, it has a lot of storage and impressive camera capabilities. This is a next-level phone that can handle all of your needs, from gaming to photography. Now, this is more of a high-end product, so the price is a bit higher, but it is definitely worth the extra money you are paying.


Galaxy S20 Ultra has a beautiful and appealing design. The phone is nicely shaped and has a convenient camera bump. The front and back of the phone are made of Gorilla Glass 6. This type of glass offers solid protection to the phone as it can survive drops onto hard and rough surfaces from up to 5.2 feet, which is about 1.6 meters. The frame is made of metal. So in terms of build, the phone is strong and resistant. It is also waterproof.


 Now S20 Ultra is quite big. The screen measure 6.9 inches and is nicely curved on the sides, giving it that aesthetic look we want. The phone features a dynamic AMOLED display with QHD resolution. It also has a very high refresh rate of 120 Hz, which gives it that nice and smooth effect while using the phone. However, for a high refresh rate, you have to sacrifice some resolution. But there’s no need to worry. The content on the screen will still look awesome, even though sharpness is slightly reduced. On the positive side, you will get a very smooth experience. There is also support for HDR10+.


Now let’s take a look at the processor. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is powered by Snapdragon 865. Alternatively, it can be equipped with Exynos 990 processor. In terms of CPU performance, we have to say that Snapdragon 865 is slightly better than Exynos 990. However, they are both paired with really strong GPUs, which make the phone appropriate for more complex uses. Graphic cards that come with a phone can be either Adreno 650 or Mali-G77 MP11. Both graphic units come mostly in high-end phones. They are very powerful and can run complex tasks and various games, as they are one of the most efficient graphic cores. S20 Ultra also has 12 GB of RAM, which will make sure that games run smoothly. This phone is appropriate for basically any game out there.


When it comes to camera setup, this phone clearly stands out from other S20 models. It will give you a chance to take photography on a whole new level. The camera here is one of the top amazing features of this phone and it is truly remarkable. The S20 Ultra is equipped with a 108 MP main camera, a 48 MP periscope telephoto camera, a 12 MP ultrawide camera, and even a TOF 3D camera that will allow you to capture the depth of an image. The colors are awesome and the sharpness is truly amazing. However, the best feature here is the high-quality zoom. You can take very sharp and detailed photos with 4x, 5x, or 10x zoom, without losing image quality. You also have an option of 100x zoom. The ultra-wide camera also delivers astonishing results, even in nighttime mode.


As far as video capabilities go, you can take very good and high-quality 4K videos at 30 fps. What is truly impressive is nighttime videos. Here you can really see the benefits of the 108-megapixel sensor. The phone also has a very cool new feature, which is the ability to shoot 8K videos at 24 fps.


The S20 Ultra has a good battery life that will give you a solid endurance of about 80 hours, depending on what you are doing. The phone is equipped with a 5000 mAh battery, which can be fully charged in less than 1 hour. You also get an option of wireless charging as well as reverse wireless charging in case you have to supply other devices with power from your phone.

Final thoughts

Overall, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is an extremely capable phone that you can surely make use of. It has some amazing features that will enhance the user experience. As far as photography goes, this is truly one of the top achievements and is definitely worth its price.