SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 10 Lite – Full Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite is a bigger, but cheaper version of Note 10 lineup. It gives you all the benefits of a Note phone, which is known for its famous and very useful S Pen and brings them in a more affordable package.


Note 10 Lite features a different design than other Note phones. This one has more curved edges, rather than sharp corners, which are typical for Note lineup. So if you are a fan of more curved designs and wish to have a Galaxy Note, then this is the phone for you. Now Samsung used slightly cheaper materials for this one. The back is made out of plastic, rather than premium Gorilla Glass, which regular Note 10 has. The frame is aluminum of course and the front is covered with Gorilla Glass 3, which offers a good protection against deep scratches, however, it is not as protective as Gorilla Glass 6 on the regular version. There is also no water resistance.

The main feature here is the S Pen, and is probably the reason why to consider buying a Note phone. Note 10 Lite is the perfect choice if you are looking for that feature at an affordable price.  The S Pen comes with many great features and is also very accurate and responsive. You can use it as a remote control for the phone with simple gestures and other commands. However, this version is missing a few gestures, which come with regular Note 10.


The phone features super AMOLED display that measures 6.7 inches and is just slightly smaller than Note 10+. As far as the resolution goes, the phone features 1080p resolution, which is the same as on regular Note 10, but has less screen to body ratio. Sharpness is still good and the colors look okay, despite that there’s no QHD resolution. The brightness settings are satisfying and the fingerprint reader is fast enough, although, not as fast as the competition. The screen on this phone is also not curved, even though that curved screens are typical for Note phones. The phone also features Always on display, which comes in handy to any of you that want to keep track of notifications and time.


As far as the chipsets go, Galaxy Note 10 Lite has the same chipset as Galaxy Note 9. That is Exynos 9810. We have to say that this was one of the best chipsets in the past and is still competitive in terms of performance. It is fast and it’s also appropriate for gaming. Games run great and so do other complex tasks. The processor is also paired with high end GPU, which is also suitable for demanding games. That is Mali-G72 MP18. Furthermore, the phone comes with either 6 GB of RAM or 8 GB of RAM and has 128 GB of internal storage. For the purposes of heavy use, we recommend getting a version with 8 GB of RAM.


Moving on to cameras, there is not much difference here comparing to regular Note 10 with an exception of ultrawide camera. Note 10 Lite comes with 12 MP main camera, 12 MP ultrawide camera and 12 MP telephoto camera with 2x optical zoom. Image quality from the main camera is similar to the one on Note 10. There is a lot of detail, wide dynamic range and practically no noise. Colors also look nice. Using zoom will produce more noise, but photos will still look pretty decent. Photos taken with ultrawide camera will have rather green tones, but otherwise they look good with great sharpness and a lot of detail. Low light photos look surprisingly good for a mid-range phone. They have excellent colors, a lot of detail and very little noise. Night mode has nice highlights and shadows. The image quality also improves when we switch on night mode. However, zoom isn’t the best in night mode. The main camera can record videos in 4K. The overall quality is good. There is a lot of detail and wide dynamic range. Footages taken at 60 fps can be a bit softer and have lower quality. Therefore we recommend you film videos at 30 fps.


Galaxy Note 10 Lite has a bigger battery than regular version of Note 10, and even Note 10+ for that matter. The phone is equipped with 4500 mAh non-removable battery, which can last over 90 hours on a full charge. Of course, this depends on the type of usage. Furthermore, the phone comes with fast 25W charging adapter that can have your phone at full power in just a bit over 1 hour. However, there is no wireless charging here, which other versions have.  

Final thoughts

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite is a very good mid-range phone. The great thing about it is that it have the benefit of a Note phone and is more affordable than other Note phones. It has a big battery with great battery life and a decent chipset that can support heavy use. So if you feel like this phone is the one, than go for it.