HUAWEI P40 Pro – Full Review

Huawei P40 Pro is one of the brand’s newest flagship phones. It brings some new high end features to regular P40. For one, it has the one of the best cameras you can get in a phone. Additionally it has a great chipset, which can enhance your gaming experience. It also comes with IR blaster, which a very cool and useful feature that allows you to control certain appliances, like TV for example


In terms of design, P40 Pro is not really revolutionary. However, it still has all the necessary features of a flagship phone. Back is curved and fits nicely into the aluminum fame. Corners are not as curved, but this actually helps the phone stand out a little bit more. It is also larger than regular P40 with bigger screen. The front and back are both covered with glass. However, this is a regular glass, rather than Gorilla Glass, which is known to be more durable. So P40 Pro is not as resistant to drops, therefore it is wise to put it in a case. Huawei improved water resistance on this version. P40 Pro has full water and dust protection, which regular P40 does not have.


With P40 Pro you get a 6.58 inch cured OLED screen. The resolution here is 1200p, which is sort of somewhere in between Full HD and QHD. The pixel density is good and you also get a 90 Hz refresh rate, which makes swiping look super smooth. You also do not have to give up resolution in order to enjoy the full benefits of high refresh rate, as you do on Samsung S20. Otherwise, the content looks great, with accurate colours and great contrast. Display is nicely wrapped around the edges of the phone, which is a typical feature of modern high end phones. However this does the trick, as it gives the phone a very aesthetic look. The selfie camera is located in the top left corner, where you will also find ToF sensor. Also, the display supports HDR+.


Huawei P40 Pro comes with Kirin 990 5G chipset and Mali-G76 MP16 graphic processing unit. Kirin processors are known to be more power efficient, which allows for a longer gaming experience. They are also very fast and powerful and can run just about any Android based game. P40 Pro can deliver and awesome gaming performance and you will be able to enjoy your phone to the max. GPU might not be the top of the top, but it is still high end and will deliver a good graphic performance, without consuming too much power.  Additionally, the phone has 8 GB of RAM, which is plenty for gaming and other uses. However, if you intend to do some heavy gaming, than 8 GB is the absolute minimum. For any other uses, this is plenty and the phone will give you the smooth and fast experience you desire. P40 Pro has a huge memory capacity for all your needs. You get 256 GB of internal storage, which can be further expanded.


P40 brings photography on a whole new level. It is like it was meant for taking images. The phone comes with a quad camera setup, which consists of 50 MP main camera with PDAF and OIS, 40 MP ultrawide camera, one ToF 3D depth sensor and a 12 MP periscope telephoto camera with OIS and a 5x optical zoom. Daylight photos taken with main camera look excellent. They really reflect the quality of a flagship phone. They have a lot of detail and are extremely sharp. Images also have wide dynamic range and practically no noise. Such high quality is preserved across all the cameras, even ultrawide and telephoto camera. Photos are simply impressive. Thanks to ToF sensor, portraits look great and 32 MP selfie camera can also produce amazing selfies, where subject really stands out. Just as expected, low light photography remains on a very high level and is actually one of the best among smartphones. Night time photos look just as great. We get wide dynamic range, nice highlights and shadows and the amount of detail is just impressive. Even with zoom, the quality is not lowered at all. The photos remain decently sharp.

Video recording is great as you would expect. You can take 4K footages at 30 fps. Overall they look good; however the amount of detail could be improved. The dynamic range is wide and sharpness is satisfying. The phone has great stabilization, so videos look very smooth even when you are moving.


In terms of battery life, P40 Pro will not let you down. It is equipped with large 4200 mAh non-removable battery which can last over 90 hours. Of course, this depends on the type of usage, but it will get you through the day without any problem. The charging speed is also pretty impressive. Here you get an incredibly fast 40W charger, which can have your phone back at full power in just a bit over 30 minutes. Additionally, you have an option of fast 27W wireless charging as well as reverse wireless charging. This is something you don’t get with regular P40.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, Huawei P40 Pro brings everything that a flagship phone needs. You get a great camera setup, excellent chipset and a very good battery life with fast charging. There is practically nothing missing from it. So if you are considering buying it, you will make the right choice. This phone is worth every penny.