Is photography a female or male hobby?

Photography is changing, gender roles are changing, the answer to the title question of the section, therefore, depends on the historical circumstances. At first, photography demanded a great deal of technical interest and it also required physical strength to reduce the towing apparatus around; at the beginning, photography was more in the hands of the men and has been there according to male interests.

In the albums that Starl (1995) collected and evaluated, there are two who were led and snapped separately by both spouses (p. 146). She, Hedda, photographed in 10.5% of cases family pictures, he, Tari, photographed the same motif only at 1.3% of the recordings. This particular case refers to the principle: the interest of men and women in photography can vary be. She uses photography to document bonds, he enthuses about the technology of the camera, which, like any technology, is an instrument of world control. The question of what to photograph with it often arises only after the acquisition. There are also offers the admired technology of the environment, but also life successes that underpin one’s own claims to dominance. The beautiful photo becomes proof to him of the ability to photograph and is thus finally ammunition again in the competition of the men.

The male depersonalized view of the female body has materialized in soon available mass nude photos. Perhaps nude photography has also taken this impersonal view established in everyday life. After some time, however, the improved, soon automatic technology was no longer an obstacle to female interest. The women found other uses of the camera. They were interested in social relations. Women took the photos sent from home to the front. Many women are content with minimal technology even today. The main thing is that it’s coming to an acceptable picture. They also took on professional photography roles. Precisely because women are inspired by misogynistic the ability to be an artist was denied, they were soon able to show here to what extent they were using the photography “Beauty”. The inclination to beauty, the interest in beauty is closely linked to the female role. They find other motives for their interests: children, animals,
Landscapes and objects of nature, which they look at with a loving, personal gaze.

The unproblematic operation of “Knipsi” cameras has
created an army of female photographers who give us a female
selection of memorable moments that differs at least gradually from male memory desires. Now it is also the muscular southern waiter who
Holiday albums appeared and were photographed with an erotic look.

Thus, it can be said that photography today is a female and
male hobby. Women and men find themselves (gradually)
different ways of using photography.