5 Best VPNs for Garena Free Fire in 2022 – A Complete Guide

best vpn for garena free fire

Are you asking yourself which is the best VPN provider for Garena Free Fire? If the answer is YES then you probably already know at least one good reason.

The truth is, there are several good reasons why you would want to play Garena Free Fire via VPN. We will cover this topic briefly before focusing on the best VPN providers to play Garena Free Fire.

Garena Free Fire (or just Free Fire) is a battle royale game that was developed exclusively for Android and iOS mobile devices. In 2019 it was the most downloaded mobile game worldwide and has since then continued to set other records as well. Since its release, it has grossed a revenue of over $1 billion worldwide. Garena is currently also working on the next version of Free Fire which will be called Free Fire Max.

The game starts with up to 50 players falling with a parachute on an island. Upon landing the battle begins. You need to search for weapons and equipment to kill other players. When players join the game they enter on the plane which is flying over the island. The players can choose to jump wherever they want, meaning you get to choose your starting position on an island. The ultimate goal is to be the last survivor, eliminating anybody who crosses your path.

Though it was primarily a battle royale game, the developers have added since its launch other play modes as well. Some of the new modes have become very popular and are therefore permanently available. The others are constantly rotating to keep the game interesting for the players. Some of the modes include classic BR, Clash Squad which is a team battle of up to 2×4 players, Rush Hour which is essentially only a shrunken version of classic BR with up to 20 players on a very small area, and many others.

DID YOU KNOW: At the end of Q1 2021, Free Fire surpassed PUBG Mobile in revenues in the US. By quite a lot actually. Free Fire generated $100 million in turnover as compared to PUBG’s $68 million. Free Fire’s revenues jumped by 4.5x as compared to the same period for the previous year.

Why you would need a VPN for Garena Free Fire?

A VPN encrypts the connection between your computer and a VPN server. The VPN server then forwards your request to a target game server. To the target server, it appears as if the request originally came from the VPN server address. This way you hide your real IP from the game server which can potentially help you in several ways.

  • Lower ping and reduce lag time? By using a VPN your lag time may or may not decrease. It really depends on many factors like your geolocation, ISP, connection speed and more. But according to our experience most users should not expect a lower ping regardless which VPN provider you use. In fact, a VPN may even slow down your gaming experience. This is a fact we must consider when selecting best VPN for Garena Free Fire.
  • Access content which is not available in your country. Most industry leading VPN providers have their servers all around the globe. You can select which server in which country you want to connect to and unblock the content that is originally restricted in your country.
  • Prevent DDoS attack. A VPN hides your real IP address. Other players in game cannot see your address and thus cannot use it to initiate DDOS (Distributed denial of service) attack against you.
  • Overcome P2P blocks. Some games use P2P model for hosting multiplayer games. Although this is not the case with Garena Free Fire, it is still good to know that you can overcome P2P restrictions if your ISP is blocking it.
  • Safely play Garena Free Fire on public WiFi. Since your connection is encrypted you can play Garena Free Fire on public networks without worries.

Some other benefits of using a VPN for gaming are avoiding bandwidth throttling, early access to new releases, bypass IP bans, and more. But these are not important for Garena Free Fire so we will not go into details.

What the Best VPN for Garena Free Fire should provide?

When selecting your VPN provider there are a few things you have to consider.

  • Support for multiple devices. This one is especially important for cross platform games like Garena Free Fire. You could be playing your game on your phone and on your PC or laptop. So your VPN provider should support all of your devices.
  • High network stability. You don’t want to experience any unnecessary disconnections while playing due to a VPN.
  • High speed performance with little overhead. A VPN connection does add some overhead to the main data being transmitted. Some VPNs can increase your lag time and ping. With a good VPN provider you should not experience any increased lag or decreased ping performance.
  • No-logs policy. The main point of having a VPN connection is extra security. The VPN provider should not keep any records of your activity on the internet. It is true that you will mainly use your VPN connection for playing Garena Free Fire and not for commiting any illegal activities. But the privacy is still important as it can protect you from various forms of attacks.
  • State-of-the-art encryption protocols. Almost all VPN providers nowadays are using the latest and safest encryption protocols.

Which is the best VPN for Garena Free Fire?

SURFSHARK - Best VPN for Garena Free Fire

best vpn for Garena Free Fire

Surfshark offers outstanding value for money. It has over 3200 servers in 65 countries and they are continuously adding new servers. They offer multiple servers at every location for better service quality and network stability.

Main features:

  • Locations: 108
  • Countries: 65
  • Simultaneous connections: Unlimited
  • Kill switch: Yes
  • Logging: No
  • Price: $12.95/month, or 24 months for $59.76
  • Trial: 30-day refund guarantee
  • Supported platforms: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, Game Consoles, Smart TVs, Routers

Let’s break down some of the features on the list above. One of the more impressive has got to be the unlimited devices support. You can set up a VPN on as many devices as you want with just one account. And with all supported platforms, this really comes in handy.

It is one of the reasons why we think Surfshark is the best VPN for Garena Free Fire. It does not matter whether you play the game on the phone, PS, or laptop. Surfshark will have you covered on all platforms.

Surfshark supports all platforms that you can play Garena Free Fire on. So in that aspect, it is definitely a check. Additionally, it is very simple to install the extension to your Chrome browser. This way you will also be protected while surfing the web.

For playing Garena Free Fire I recommend setting the “Fastest Server” feature on. When I do this I experience practically no lag. It basically feels like I would be using my base internet connection.

Based on the price and the features that it offers this is my go-to VPN provider.



CyberGhost offers one of the largest networks in terms of server count and country coverage. It has more than 5600 servers across 90 countries. Their security and encryption protocols are the latest VPN standard. Additionally, it offers some tempting price packages which make this VPN provider a strong choice to consider.

Main features:

  • Servers: 5600+
  • Countries: 90
  • Simultaneous connections: Up to 7 connections
  • Kill switch: Yes
  • Logging: No
  • Price: $12.99/month, or 36+3 months for $87.75
  • Trial: 45-day refund guarantee
  • Supported platforms: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, Game Consoles, Smart TVs, Routers

The monthly price stage at $12.99 is not the cheapest. But this is rarely the case with any VPN provider. More interesting are its annual, 2-year, and 3-year options. Especially 3-year plus 3 months free package is an absolute bargain of a deal.

Their network is fast and reliable so you will have no trouble using their service under heavy load. Things like gaming and streaming will be smooth and without any lag or delay. If your base internet connection is strong enough of course.

It supports basically almost any platform you can think of. So it does not matter whether you play Garena Free Fire on your phone, laptop, or PS. CyberGhost has got you cover everywhere.



VyprVPN offers the latest VPN technology in a simple and approachable package. They have a good geographical distribution of their VPN server clusters which also helps with speed and stability. Additionally, they are based in Switzerland which is known for its strict privacy laws and political neutrality.

Main features:

  • Servers: 700+ server clusters
  • Countries: 70+
  • Simultaneous connections: Up to 5 connections
  • Kill switch: Yes
  • Logging: No
  • Price: $12.95/2 months, $45/18 months, or $60/36 months
  • Trial: 30-day refund guarantee
  • Supported platforms: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, Smart TVs, Routers, Amazon OS, Chrome OS

With VyprVPN you will find all the features that have become the standard in the industry like 256-bit AES encryption, No-Logs policy, Kill Switch, and more. These are all important features and should play an important part when selecting your VPN provider.

However, when it comes to gaming the speed of the connection is one of the most important factors to consider. VyprVPN's servers are well optimized to handle a high amount of traffic so you should have no trouble using this provider to play Garena Free Fire.

The price is also quite competitive, especially if you are willing to commit for a longer period.

It is worth noting that the fastest speeds are achieved if you connect to servers closer to your physical location. Using servers that are further away should still work fine in most cases, but sometimes the delay can be increased.



NordVPN is a very versatile VPN provider. They guarantee a strict no-logs policy. Additionally, their headquarters are located in Panama, which means they are not obliged to reveal any information to the foreign governments.

Main features:

  • Servers: 5287
  • Countries: 59
  • Simultaneous connections: Up to 6 connections
  • Kill switch: Yes
  • Logging: No
  • Price: $11.95/month, or 24 months for $99.00 (first 2 years, $322.65/2 years after)
  • Trial: 30-day refund guarantee
  • Supported platforms: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, Game Consoles, Smart TVs, Routers

In terms of performance and features NordVPN is very similar to Surfshark offering a no-logging policy, kill switch, and similar. However, you can only connect up to 6 devices simultaneously with one account. This is not a big drawback because you can install a VPN on your home router and have your entire network protected. Such configuration only counts as one device, no matter how many devices are connected to your router.

There is no monthly data limit. So you will be able to play Garena Free Fire as much as you like. Additionally, you can also watch Netflix and never have to worry about data limits. They use AES encryption with 256-bit keys, which is recommended by governments and cybersecurity experts around the globe.

NordVPN’s servers are well optimized to handle high bandwidth requirements when gaming. So you will experience no lags and no issues when playing Garena Free Fire.

If you are willing to pay some extra money for a top-level VPN provider, NordVPN is one of the best VPNs for Garena Free Fire. Additionally, if you pay attention NordVPN always offers special discounts and promos so you can typically get a good deal even after the first two years.



ExpressVPN has positioned itself as a premium VPN service. It is moderately expensive compared to other options on this list but it offers a lot for its price.

Main features:

  • Locations: 160
  • Servers: 3000+
  • Countries: 94
  • Simultaneous connections: Up to 5 connections
  • Kill switch: Yes
  • Logging: No
  • Price: $12.95/month, or $8.32/month for 12-month plan (there are frequent special deals and discounts)
  • Trial: 30-day refund guarantee
  • Supported platforms: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, Game Consoles, Smart TVs, Routers

It covers by far the most countries on this list. Their service is high quality when it comes to security, features, and support.

When it comes to gaming the speeds are blazing fast. You will not notice any lags or delays whatsoever. Because there are none. Additionally, Netflix streaming works from just about any country you can think of. Also here you won’t experience any buffering, lag, or pixellated image.

Even though their service is more expensive, what you get in return is an ultra-stable and reliable network, unmatched support, and tons of other features.

ExpressVPN is a great choice as a VPN provider for playing Garena Free Fire.


Final words

As you have learned, there are several key features that you have to be careful about when selecting a VPN provider for Garena Free Fire. Providers from the list above are some of the industry-leading companies. Their service is top-notch and second to none.

If you are still undecided which provider you should choose here are few final thoughts. Surfshark offers an incredible price for a 2-year play and can handle gaming easily. On the other hand, if you are looking for an even more long-term subscription, the CyberGhost 3-year+3-month offer is amazing. Plus their network is even more extensive and just as fast and reliable as other providers.

In any case, if you stay within the list of the recommended VPNs your Garena Free Fire experience will undoubtedly be smooth, safe, and enjoyable. Have fun playing Garena Free Fire ?.