5 Best Tablets for Cricut Design Space in 2022 – Expert Guide

Best tablet for Cricut design space

Tablet can be a very useful device. They are one of the best modern-day tools and we can hardly go without them. They are very practical and easy to use. Tablet allows us to be creative and get a lot of work done. In this article, we will talk about the best tablet for Cricut Design Space. So be sure to check out our full guide and get the best tablet in the business.

So for those who don’t know, Cricut Design Space is a program that allows you to browse pre-designed projects and design your own projects. The software is compatible with laptops, PCs, smartphones, and of course tablets. You can simply download the program from the App Store or Google Play Store. That is if you are using the software on your tablet or smartphone. However, if you want to use it on your laptop then you will find it on the Cricut website.

Using this software on a tablet has some advantages. The program is more intuitive and comfortable to use. People normally prefer touchscreen displays, which make the whole experience of using the software much more enjoyable. This also makes it easier to use as we can pair our tablet with a digital pen.

Now let’s get back to the main question. What is the best tablet for Cricut Design Space? A good question that we will be answering today. Below you will find a tablet with the top five tablets for this program. They are all viable options. However, some are better than others. In the end, it is up to you to decide what you want to go for. Do you want the best of the best, or would you rather stick to a budget? Now, without further ado, let’s check them out!

DID YOU KNOW: Cricut Design Space is extremely user friendly! Most of new users get very familiar with the software in a few hours or so. And best of all, the software is completely free. Now isn’t this one heck of a deal?

NOTE: Below you can find a comparison table and a detailed description of the best tablets for Cricut Design Space.


So let’s move to the main question. What is the best tablet for Cricut Design Space? Well, to be completely honest, it very much depends on personal preferences. But don’t get me wrong. There are good tablets and there are some »not so good«. It’s just that some people may prefer some brands to others. Then there’s also the matter of hardware, battery life and of course display. Many people focus on these key factors when buying a new tablet. Luckily, our list features only the best. All the recommended tablets will perform great. So you don’t need to dive too deep into each tablet. You can simply pick one that you like the best.

Now let’s get going and check out the reviews on each tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus

  HARDWARE   9/10  
  BATTERY LIFE   10/10  
  DISPLAY   9/10  
  MEMORY   9/10  
  VALUE/PRICE   9/10  

Key Features

Great chipset

Tablet has great Qualcomm SM8250 Snapdragon 865 chipset that can power any game and handle any task.

S pen included
It is a very useful addition that can enhance user experience. Both writing and drawing feel very natural and above all, the pen is very accurate.
Long battery life

Battery can last all day, so you can be relax and enjoy in your favourite virtual activities.

Detailed Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus is really something else when it comes to the field of tablets. It features a premium design and an awesome screen, which make it stand out and place it above its competition in the field of Android tablets.

The best feature of Tab S7 Plus is definitely the improved OLED screen that puts this tablet above the regular Tab S7. Additionally, it also features an awesome refresh rate of 120 Hz, which makes the content look super stunning. The display has a 16:10 aspect ratio with a 2800 x 1752 resolution.

You will find that the tablet itself appears taller and narrower than the iPad. However, it is also thinner and lighter.

The tablet is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus. Now, this is the best processor you will find on Android devices. Generally, the apps will work very smoothly. So you won’t have any problems in that department.

Additionally, there are also many accessories available out there that can enhance your experience while using this tablet. One of such is the S Pen of course.  Then you also have a Book Cover and the Book Cover Keyboard.

In my own personal opinion, this is definitely the Cricut Design Space. So be sure to give it a go. It won’t let you down.

  • Excellent display.
  • Fantastic battery life.
  • Fast performance.
  • S pen included.  
  • High price.

Apple iPad Pro 11 – Best Recommended tablet for Cricut Design Space

  HARDWARE   10/10  
  BATTERY LIFE   8/10  
  DISPLAY   9/10  
  MEMORY   10/10  
  VALUE/PRICE   9/10  

Key Features

Excellent Apple M1 chipset

Super fast processor makes sure your tablet can handle any task, even heavy gaming.

Up to 2TB of internal memory
You can buy a model that has up to 2TB of internal storage. Now that is a lot of space for your files.
120Hz refresh rate

Scrolling will appear super smooth thanks to 120Hz refresh rate.

Detailed Review

Apple iPad Pro is another great high-end and high-performance tablet that is more than capable of running difficult tasks. You can buy one with 8 or 16 GB of RAM, depending on how much internal storage you need. You will likely not notice the difference in performance though unless you run some performance benchmark tests.

You can get one with an 11 or 12.9-inch display, depending on your preferences. It is the lightest and the fastest iPad Pro yet. The battery life is also excellent and comes with a 20 W fast charger. Overall, I would say that this is definitely one of the Cricut Design Space. It can be used for entertainment and work in general.

  • Lots of internal memory.
  • Great and fast performance.
  • Good battery life.
  • Great chipset.
  • Doesn’t feature an XDR display.

Microsoft Surface Go 3

  HARDWARE   8/10  
  BATTERY LIFE   7/10  
  DISPLAY   8/10  
  MEMORY   7/10  
  VALUE/PRICE   8/10  

Key Features

Intel Core i3

New Intel Core i3 processor offers solid performance in everyday tasks.

Premium design
The tablet looks really good, it’s easily portable and has a built-in kickstand.
60Hz refresh rate

Higher refresh rate makes content look much smoother.

Detailed Review

Microsoft Surface Go 3 is a great tablet that was just released not long ago. It comes with preinstalled Windows 11, so working with this tablet might feel very familiar to some of you.

It features a 10.5-inch display, with a 1920 x 1280 resolution. Additionally, you will find that battery is surprisingly good here and can last through the entire day. Another big plus is an amazing built-in Dolby Audio that’s perfect for online classes, music, audiobooks, and your favorite shows.

Moreover, you will have the option of choosing between two versions. One has 4GB of RAM and the other has 8GB. Probably 4GB will be sufficient for most of you. However, if you intend on tackling very complex tasks or heavy gaming, 8GB might be more up your alley.

The tablet is just perefect for every task there is. It is appropriate for everyday use, work, and even gaming. Working with this tablet is very efficient and easy. There are a lot of new tools. Furthermore, the tablet is also optimized for a very accurate digital pen, which can be used for making notes or drawing.

Microsoft Surface Go 3 really comes in handy and can make our lives easier. I would definitely recommend you buy this tablet as it is one of the Cricut Design Space.

  • Nice design.
  • Good performance.
  • Excellent video calling experience.
  • Poor battery life.


Choosing a tablet that will give you the best performance is a lot like choosing a good computer. You need to first look at all the important hardware components. If you want to get the best experience, then the tablet should meet at least recommended requirements for the purposes of your use.

It is well known that tablets tend to get a little “slower” over time. Additionally, mobile apps usually get updated more frequently. So to be on the safe side a good rule of thumb is to pick a tablet that has at least one grade better components than recommended.

With that been said, I believe you are equiped with the necessary knowledge to make the final decision. Remember, any tablet from our list will give you the best performance. So if you stay within our selection of best tablets for Cricut Design Space, you are good and ready to go.


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