SAMSUNG Galaxy S21 – Full Review

Samsung Galaxy S21 is a state-of-the-art phone and it is one of the brand’s top achievements. It has a sleek, new design and it is very attractive. The phone is slightly smaller than its predecessor – the model S20. However, smaller size and lighter weight can sometimes be an advantage. S21 is very capable and works really well, which makes it appropriate for both inexperienced and sophisticated users. It’s a nice choice if you are looking for a high-end and compact phone.


The camera bump is a bit bigger, but it curves nicely into the aluminum frame, making it look aesthetically pleasing. It is also one of the S21 signature features. The back of the phone is plastic and the front is covered with Gorilla Glass Victus. This type of glass offers quite a bit of protection, as it is resistant to drops onto hard and rough surfaces from up to 2 meters, which is about 6.5 feet. Otherwise, it feels great in a hand. It is not too big and it’s not heavy either.


Samsung Galaxy S21 has a full HD resolution and features a dynamic display with a refresh rate as high as 120 Hz. However, it can drop to as much as 48 Hz, depending on what you are doing. This basically means that when you are watching a video or playing a game, the image will be crystal clear. When you are not doing that, the refresh rate will drop in order to save battery. Now the S21 screen is a bit smaller than the S20. It measures 6.2 inches, whether the S20 screen measures 6.5 inches.


Samsung Galaxy S21 works on Snapdragon 888 processor and is paired with Adreno 660 graphic card. Alternatively, it can be powered by Exynos 2100 processor. In that case, it is equipped with Mali-G78 MP14 graphic card. What type of processor and GPU you get really depends on where you live. However, you should know that Snapdragon 888 usually performs better than Exynos 2100 and consumes less power as well. Galaxy S21 has 8 GB RAM, which is sort of a sweet spot for most users. The phone can perform various tasks and run a variety of games. However, games should not be too demanding. Still, S21 can be used as a gaming phone, but you should keep in mind that some overheating can occur if you are running very demanding games. 


This is an amazing phone, which is just meant for taking photos, so it is definitely one of the top choices. With this phone, you will be able to take photography on a whole new level. The phone features a 12 MP main camera with dual pixel autofocus, which allows you to take very sharp and accurate photos. The S21 also has a 12 MP ultrawide camera with a fixed focus. Additionally, it also has a 64 MP telephoto camera that supports 3x digital zoom. This will allow you to take incredibly detailed photos. The phone camera has a wide dynamic range and well-controlled noise. It also performs well in low-light photography, delivering stunning results. The phone also features a very capable frontal camera, which will allow you to take really sharp selfies, as it can capture a lot of facial details. 


Regarding video quality, the main camera can take 4K videos at 30 or 60 fps. Additionally, it also has the ability to capture 8K videos at 24 fps. However, the best results are achieved with 30 fps 4K videos, as they are often sharper and feature more details. 


The phone has a 4000 mAh battery and it can last up to 90 hours without being charged. As far as the battery charging goes, the phone can be charged to 100% in about 1 hour. The phone also supports wireless charging, as well as reverse wireless charging, in order, you need to charge some other device with your phone.

Final thoughts

Another good thing about S21 is that it is considerably cheaper than the previous model S20. And when we say considerably cheaper we mean that it costs 200$ less than the older version. We would mark this phone as a high-end phone at a fair price. You are sure to get quality without having to overpay.