SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 10 – Full Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is a great new addition to a Note line of phones. It is a more compact version, which means that it is slightly smaller than Note 10+ and Note 10 Lite. However, this makes it easier to handle and it is also more pocket-friendly than other versions. The phone is very user-friendly and you will get a hang of the S Pen very quickly too. It is a great choice when buying a Galaxy Note phone and if you not wish to spend too much money on it. Additionally, it is very capable and has enough storage (256 GB) for all your stuff.


The design of the phone is something special. It has fewer curves than other models and features sharper edges. However, due to its smaller size, the phone feels great in the hand and is also easier to hold than other Note models. Regarding the build, both the front and back of the phone are covered with Gorilla Glass 6, which provides solid protection. This type of glass is resistant to falls on rough and hard surfaces from up to 5.2 feet, which is about 1.6 meters. Note 10 also features an aluminum frame and is lighter than versions.

The main part here is definitely the S Pen. Not much has changed in this area. The S Pen is the same size as it was on the previous models. However, it is very responsive and accurate. Samsung also added a new feature AR Doodle, which is a lot of fun, as you can draw on a subject, which is being tracked by the camera. You can also use the S Pen as a remote control for your camera.


The Galaxy Note 10 features a curved AMOLED display. The screen is slightly smaller than other models and measures 6.3 inches. Additionally, the resolution is lower too – 1080p. However, the screen is still gorgeous and the content will look great. The colors are very accurately displayed and look amazing, but you can always adjust them in the settings later, in case you are not satisfied. The maximum brightness is very good and can compare to other models in this line. A very cool feature is also an “Always on display”, which basically allows you to keep track of time and other notifications, even when the phone is in sleep mode.


When we look at a processor, we can see that Galaxy Note 10 has the same processor as its more upgraded version Note 10+. The phone is equipped either with Snapdragon 855 or Exynos 9825, depending on where you live, or at least, where you buy your phone. Both are very capable and can run difficult tasks, however, Snapdragon is usually better. If you are looking for a gaming phone, these processors are powerful and can support true HDR games. Note 10 also comes with an excellent graphic unit, which is either Adreno 640 or Mali-g76 MP12. Both have outstanding performance and bring you the best possible user experience. Galaxy Note 10 also has 8 GB of RAM, which is less than what 10+ has. However, it is enough to run more all sorts of complex tasks and less demanding games. For gamers this is still a good phone that can support almost any game, however, for the best experience, we recommend something with a little more RAM.


Regarding photography, you can take some quality shots with this phone. It has an excellent dynamic range and can capture a lot of detail with a minimal amount of noise. The colors look pretty good, however, there is no autofocus, therefore close-up shots will not look their best. Still, portrait mode is awesome and shots look just as good as on Note 10+. You also get an option of 2x zoom with a telephoto camera, where you can still capture a lot of detail with practically no noise. Night shots are also no problem. The main camera is more than capable of that and you will not lose any quality.


Regarding video quality, you can make 4K videos at 30 fps or 60 fps. They look excellent and you will most likely be very satisfied with them. It also features live-focused video, which gives you the blurred background behind the subject, making the subject stand out a little bit more.


The Galaxy Note 10 is equipped with a 3500 mAh battery. The battery life is more or less good, as it can last about 90 hours before it needs to be recharged. With a fast 25W charging you can be at the full battery in less than an hour. The phone also possesses a fast wireless charging ability, as well as reverse wireless charging, which allows you to export energy from your phone to other devices.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, this phone is definitely worth your consideration. You can make use of it, as it is very convenient and in general works great. You can play games on it, take awesome photos or videos and make notes with your S Pen. This is truly an example of high quality at a fair price.