SAMSUNG Galaxy A52 – Full Review

Samsung Galaxy A52 is a very good and capable mid-range phone. It brings a lot of upgrades over its predecessors. It has some cool new features and a brand new design. All of that comes at a reasonable price, which is appropriate for a phone on such level. It has many qualities that make this phone truly great and worth every penny.


Galaxy A52 features a soft edge design. This time the camera bump blends nicely with the design of the phone. The edges are nicely curved, making the phone appealing to the eye. The materials used are mostly good and offer a solid form of protection. The front is covered with Gorilla Glass 5, which can withstand drops onto hard and rough surfaces from up to 3.9 feet or 1.2 meters. The back is made out of plastic. In the past, we have seen more of glossy backs on Samsung phones; however, A52 has a matte finish, which gives it sort of rough yet shiny appearance.  The main advantage is that it feels softer in the hand. It also offers much better grip. The phone is also water resistant and dust resistant, which is a rare among A-series phones.


Moving on to the screen, Samsung Galaxy A52 features a 6.5 inch super AMOLED display with a 90 Hz refresh rate. Thanks to this very fast refresh rate, swiping appears very smooth and so does any other content for that matter. Since this is more of a mid-range phone, it is expected that it has 1080p resolution or Full HD, rather than QHD which is known to be more expensive and is a feature of premium phones.


Galaxy A52 comes with Snapdragon 720G chipset, which is than further paired with Adreno 618 graphic processing unit. Both the chipset and the GPU are meant for more or less upper mid-range phones. However, both are very capable of running all sorts of apps and do complex tasks. The phone is appropriate even for the purposes of gaming. The games run smoothly, without any unwanted complications. In terms of performance 720G processor is actually better than 730G. It is faster and has the same GPU. Looking at RAM, you are very likely to get a version with 6 GB of RAM. However, there is an option 8 GB of RAM, but this one is usually more expensive. The phone comes with internal storage of either 128 GB or 256 GB. You can additionally expend it, if you feel like you need more storage. If you intend to buy the phone for the purposes of gaming, then we would recommend you get a version with 8 GB of RAM as it will perform better than the one with 6 GB.


There were some improvements on the field of cameras as well. Galaxy A52 feature a quad camera setup. Here we get 64 MP main camera with OIS, 12 MP ultrawide camera, 5 MP macro camera and a 5 MP depth sensor. Photos taken with main camera during the day are very sharp, have wide dynamic range a lot of detail. There is very little, almost zero noise and the colour are more or less accurate. Low light photography looks quite okay. Highlights and shadows look nice and noise is reduced to minimum. However, switching to ultrawide camera during night may reduce photo quality. So stick to the main camera. Samsung also added some extra features that you can have fun with. You will find a quick access to AR effects right in the camera app. As far as video recording goes, you are able to make 4K footages at 30 fps. You can also make videos at 1080p resolution which also look quite nice and the overall quality is very satisfying. Videos taken during the day have wide dynamic range, have a lot of detail and are very sharp.


Battery life has been significantly improved over the last years. A52 has a much better battery life than A51 or any other older model for that matter. The phone is equipped with large 4500 mAh non-removable battery. It has a support for fast 25W charging; however, the phone only comes with 15W charging adapter, which is still fast, just not as fast. Samsung also advertises that the phone can be charged to 50% in just 30 minutes. However, there is no support for wireless charging or reverse wireless charging.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, Samsung Galaxy A52 is a very capable mid-range phone, which is appropriate for experienced users as well as basic users. It has some really good features of high end phones; however, it also lacks some of the benefits of more expensive versions. Nevertheless, it performs really well and it is suitable for practically every use. We would definitely recommend you this phone.