HUAWEI P Smart 2020 – Full Review

Huawei P smart 2020 brings an elegant design at a very affordable price. This is a good mid-range phone with some really cool and useful features. It is fairly similar to last year’s model P smart 2019, but it does bring some improvements over it, like more RAM. Still the P smart lineup remains an affordable option of smartphone.


As always, P smart features an elegant and very attractive design. The phone is just the right size and fits into hand perfectly. However, the surface is very smooth, so phone may seem a bit slippery. It also feels very light and thin. The corners are nicely curved, giving it that aesthetic look. However, the materials used are not the most expensive ones. The front is covered with regular glass, which does not offer the same level of protection like more premium Gorilla Glass. Back is plastic, but it is nicely shaped and it curves perfectly towards the edges. Even though it’s not made out of glass, it sure seems like it is as it’s nicely polished. However, keep in mind that this phone can get damaged more easily, so it is wise to protect it with a case.


P smart 2020 features a 6.21 inch LTPS LCD display. It has a 1080p Full HD resolution rather than QHD resolution, which is a thing of more premium phones. Content on the screen looks pretty decent. The contrast is just okay, but it’s not bad for an LCD screen. Brightness can be adjusted, but again it’s not the most impressive feature. However, it’s good for this range of phones. Colours can be easily adjusted in settings and you can make the pretty accurate. A very cool feature is a notification LED light, which alerts you when you get messages and other notifications.


The phone is powered by Kirin 710 chipset, which is further paired with Mali-G51 MP4 graphic processing unit. Now the GPU is a bit weaker and the processor is also not as powerful as its competition – Snapdragon. Regardless, it is still enough to run every Android game and the gaming experience is not bad at all. So there is really nothing to worry about. The phone can handle just about any task, even difficult and complex ones. You will find that P smart 2020 has 4 GB of RAM, which is a definite improvement from 3 GB on P smart 2019. The amount of RAM is enough to run basic game with ease. However, intense graphic games might require more RAM to run smoothly. Furthermore, the phone has 128 GB of internal storage, which is more than what last year’s version has. Additionally, you do get an expandable storage, so you don’t have to worry too much about it.


P smart 2020 comes with a dual camera setup. You get a13 MP main camera with PDAF and a 2 MP depth sensor. So again, the camera setup has remained the same. There is no OIS though. Daytime photos taken with main camera look okay, but nothing special really. Dynamic range is okay, but colours and not completely accurate. The amount of detail is sufficient and noise has been reduced. There is also support for HDR which improves dynamic range and the overall quality of images. The AI mode will automatically adjust settings for the most optimal use, based on the current conditions of the day. Low light performance is not the best. The amount of noise is much higher and images are softer, although colours are nicely preserved. Using night mode will help you improve photos.

Videos can be recoreded in up to 1080p at 30 or 60 fps. The amount of detail is good and colours also appear okay. However, shadows might be an area of problem. There is also no electronic stabilization, so moving shots will not really look their best.


Battery life is not bad at all and it’s quite satisfying. Huawei decided to keep the same 3400 mAh battery as last year. As per usual, it is non-removable. On a full charge, the phone can last as much as 90 hours, which of course, depends on the type of usage. Furthermore, it comes with 10W charging adapter, which is not very fast, but it’s good enough. You will have your phone back at full power in a little more than an hour.

Final thoughts

Huawei P smart 2020 is a good and affordable phone that you will quickly get used to. It has many up sides to it, like solid mid-range chipset and a good battery life. It may not be as good as the newest flagships, but that is not the point of this phone. The point here is to make a sufficiently good, well working phone which sells at a lower price. So if you like the idea of owning this phone, than we would absolutely recommend you to go for it.