How to take white background out of a picture

So you have an image or a picture with white background that you want to remove? Then this guide is just for you. In this guide we’ll show you how to take white background out of any picture.

The process is really easy and includes just few simple steps. This guide will focus on how to take out white background using Photoshop. But similar can be done also with almost any other software for image editing.

We will demonstrate this process in the image below. We start with a nice lion logo on white background. After we remove the white background we can put the logo on any other picture or background that we want.

Take white background out of picture - before and after

1. Open picture with Adobe Photoshop

First, you open up your picture with Photoshop. Almost any raster image format is supported so you won’t have to worry about that. Our Lion logo is jpg format. We land at a very familiar photoshop user interface with a bunch of tools on the left side and settings on the right.

2. Select Magic Wand Tool

You have Magic Wand Tool available at the left side of the user interface.

Magic Wand tool for selecting white background and taking it out of the picture

When you have Magic wand tool selected you click anywhere on the white background on the picture. This will select the entire white background except for the parts that are completely isolated from the other background color by another color. To solve this problem you need to push right mouse-click button and then select Similar. This will then select the entire white background.

Click Similar to select entire white background

3. Hit Delete button to take white background out of picture

After you have the entire white background selected you just hit Delete button and BOOM – the white background is gone. You are the left with transparent background and are free to move your logo or the rest of you picture anywhere you want.

picture with white background taken out


Here you have it. Three simple steps how you take out white background out of your favourite picture.

But keep in mind that if you intend to save your picture with a transparent background you need to use png format. Jpg format does not support transparent background and will just fill transparent with white color and you are back to square one.

Hope this guide will help you.