5 Best Tablets for PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) in 2022 – Expert Guide

Best Phones for PUBG (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds)
PUBG -> PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

PUBG Mobile is somewhat of a mix between Fortnite and Call of Duty: Mobile. Not too long ago, it would have been considered crazy to believe a mobile game could run better on mobile than on Xbox. But after PUBG’s Mobile release on March 23, 2017, it now stands as proof that mobile games can compete with other gaming platforms. The game’s performance is no longer hindered by mobile device limitations. Tablets have come a long way in the last couple of years since mobile components are becoming increasingly better performance-wise. One great benefit that mobile devices offer, is their convenience, as they offer a very easy gaming setup – no mouse, no keyboard, and no table needed. It is absolutely remarkable that the game runs so well and it manages to fit all of PUBG Mobile features onto tiny touch screen displays. In this article, we are going to present which are the best tablets for PUBG.

Usually, the best-performing gaming tablets are some of the latest state-of-the-art models. But we also know that not everybody can afford a high-end flagship. Therefore we included some affordable choices that offer an incredible balance between price and performance and will run Genshin Impact smoothly.

The game can currently be played on Android, iOS, PC, XBox, and PS4. PUBG PC was developed and distributed by PUBG Corporation, located in Korea. With the increasing popularity of the franchise, Tencent Games reached out to them and developed a similar game for mobile. PUBG Mobile’s majority control is in the hands of Tencent Games, a company that also holds a large stake in the well-known Call of Duty: Mobile.

If you want to read a full detailed review of our recommended tablet for PUBG click here. Or if you are more interested in our top budget pick we got you covered here.

DID YOU KNOW: Did you know the PUBG Mobile has far more active players than the PC version. It is estimated that there are around 400 million players of which 50 million players are active every day. This far exceeds PUBG PC’s daily active player count where PUBG PC currently has only around 8,00,000 daily active players.

NOTE: Below you can find a comparison table and a detailed description of the best tablets for PUBG.

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PUBG Tablet System Requirements



  • Compatibility requirements – Arm v8a 64 bit
  • Memory – 2GB RAM
  • OS – Android 5.1.1 and above
  • Storage – 4GB space
  • CPU – Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, Kirin 810 and better
  • Memory – 4GB RAM
  • OS – Android 8.1 and above
  • Storage – 8GB space


With Apple devices, it is even much simpler as developers published a list of compatible devices.

  • iPhone 8+
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone SE (2nd Generation)
  • iPad Air (3rd Generation)
  • iPad mini (5th Generation)
  • iPad Pro (2nd Generation) 12.9 inches
  • iPad Pro (2nd Generation) 10.5 inches
  • iPad Pro (3rd Generation) 11 inches
  • iPad Pro (3rd Generation) 12.9 inches
  • iPad Pro (4th Generation) 11 inches
  • iPad Pro (4th Generation) 12.9 inches

Some less powerful iPads will still be able to run the game, but the gaming experience may not be as smooth as with officially supported devices. Please note that your device will require iOS 9.0 or later.

Which are the best tablets for PUBG?

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 – Best affordable tablet for PUBG

  HARDWARE   8/10  
  BATTERY LIFE   8/10  
  DISPLAY   9/10  
  MEMORY   7/10  
  VALUE/PRICE   9/10  

Key Features

Good display

The display is great for watching movies and TV shows.

Good battery life
Battery can easily last over 10 hours and can even go through the entire day without charging.
Great spreakers

Great spearkers will make watching movies much more enjoyable.

Detailed Review

At first, I was strongly leaning toward buying this tablet, mainly due to its extremely affordable price. And if I would be limited on my budget this would definitely be my final choice. The level of performance and quality you get for the price is just mind-boggling.

Galaxy Tab A7 is a really nice tablet that is very easy to set up. It is more aimed toward entertainment use rather than work. But if this is your primary reason why you would like to buy a new tablet this one will work for you perfectly. The size of the display is OK and so is the resolution.

This tablet will have no problem running Candy Crush and similar games. But this is one of the most demanding games for tablets. And truth be told, this tablet won’t be able to run the game at the highest graphics settings 100% smoothly. This is to be expected as this is a very affordable budget tablet powered by Snapdragon 662 which is less than recommended 845.

Nevertheless, if you lower the graphics settings you should still get a nice game experience. And if you don’t mind some lagging then higher graphics settings are still an option. But if you want to crank up the graphics to the max and have it run really smoothly you should check other tablets on this list.

To make your decision easier check the video below and see how the game runs on this tablet. The sound in the video has some noise due to the volume being turned to the max. This will not happen if you use earphones or lower the volume of the speakers on the tablet.

  • Great display.
  • Decent battery life.
  • Good speakers.
  • Poor camera quality.
  • Limited RAM.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

  HARDWARE   9/10  
  BATTERY LIFE   8/10  
  DISPLAY   9/10  
  MEMORY   10/10  
  VALUE/PRICE   9/10  

Key Features

Intel Core i5

Intel Core i5 processor offers excellent performance for seamless experience.

Premium design
The tablet looks really good, it’s easily portable and has a built-in kickstand.
USB-C port

USB-C connector is symmetrical, which means that it works no matter which way you insert it into the port.

Detailed Review

This tablet is different from others on this list as it is more of a hybrid between a tablet and a laptop. It even comes with a Windows 10 preinstalled.

It has a 10th generation Intel i5 and it will run any game as smooth as butter, even at max graphics settings. But beware, playing games on this is more like playing games on a laptop. You do install the version for Windows on it so no on-screen controls. You will be playing this game with a keyboard and a mouse or a controller.

If you really want portability and on-screen controls this may not be the best option. Otherwise, I believe this is the PUBG

  • Faster Intel 10th Gen CPU.
  • Excellent performance.
  • Great display.
  • Nice design.
  • Overall loss in battery life.

Apple iPad Air

  HARDWARE   9/10  
  BATTERY LIFE   8/10  
  DISPLAY   9/10  
  MEMORY   7/10  
  VALUE/PRICE   9/10  

Key Features

Great display

Liquid Retina IPS LCD display will make content look amazing.

High-end design
Apple iPad Air feels slimmer and lighter.
Fast processor

It is one of the fastest iPads available on the market.

Detailed Review

Now we are getting more into high-performance tablets that you will have no problem using for gaming, entertainment, or any work-related activities.

As you would expect from any Apple device, also here the design of the tablet does not disappoint and the build quality is excellent. A14 Bionic chipset paired with 4 GB of RAM and highly integrated iOS make the user experience very responsive. You will be able to play this game at the highest graphic settings at a very high frame rate.

Additionally using this device with the Pencil feels very intuitive and flawless which is perfect for taking handwritten notes or drawing. If you like Apple as a brand or just want an amazingly fast tablet you will not be disappointed with this one. It is for sure the PUBG

  • Excellent screen.
  • Great performance.
  • Fast processor.
  • High-end design.
  • Internal storage should be expanded.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 – PUBG

  HARDWARE   8/10  
  BATTERY LIFE   9/10  
  DISPLAY   9/10  
  MEMORY   8/10  
  VALUE/PRICE   8/10  

Key Features

Long battery life

Battery can last all day, so you can be relax and enjoy in your favourite virtual activities.

S pen included
It is a very useful addition that can enhance user experience. Both writing and drawing feel very natural and above all, the pen is very accurate.
120Hz refresh rate

A high refresh rate gives it that smooth effect.

Detailed Review

Similar to the phone S series the Galaxy Tab S7 is the flagship among Samsung tablets. In fact, it is one of the most powerful and versatile tablets on the market.

The 11-inch screen is absolutely beautiful and a joy to work with. It is just the right size for me. Those of you who may want a larger screen should consider the S7 Plus.

It is powered by a Snapdragon 865+ and coupled with 6 or 8 GB RAM. The hardware specs tell you this tablet will absolutely crush any task you throw at it. It is a great multipurpose tablet and most definitely also suitable for this game as well.

This tablet can be used for work too. In combination with a Bluetooth keyboard, it can basically turn into a small but very capable laptop. On the good side, it is still small and thin enough that it is much more portable than a classic laptop. You basically get PC performance with tablet portability.

The included S-pen performs great. The pressure detection feature is very accurate and the pen itself does not slip on the screen. So it is great also for digital art. Additionally, the S-pen shortcuts can be very handy.

This bundle includes a Bluetooth keyboard case which I absolutely love. If you are able to stretch your wallet this much I am sure you will be extremely happy with the decision.

It is perfect for entertainment as well as serious work and is, in my opinion, one of the PUBG.

  • 120 Hz display.
  • Fantastic battery life.
  • Smooth performance.
  • S pen included.  
  • Wide-angle rear camera is low-res.

Apple iPad Pro 11

  HARDWARE   10/10  
  BATTERY LIFE   8/10  
  DISPLAY   9/10  
  MEMORY   10/10  
  VALUE/PRICE   9/10  

Key Features

Excellent Apple M1 chipset

Super fast processor makes sure your tablet can handle any task, even heavy gaming.

Up to 2TB of internal memory
You can buy a model that has up to 2TB of internal storage. Now that is a lot of space for your files.
120Hz refresh rate

Scrolling will appear super smooth thanks to 120Hz refresh rate.

Detailed Review

Apple iPad Pro is another great high-end and high-performance tablet that is more than capable of running any game. You can buy one with 8 or 16 GB of RAM, depending on how much internal storage you need. You will likely not notice the difference in performance though unless you run some performance benchmark tests.

You can get one with an 11 or 12.9-inch display, depending on your preferences. It is the lightest and the fastest iPad Pro yet. The battery life is also excellent and comes with a 20 W fast charger. Overall, one of the PUBG, entertainment, and work in general.

  • Lots of internal memory.
  • Great and fast performance.
  • Good battery life.
  • Great chipset.
  • Doesn’t feature an XDR display.

Best Tablets for PUBG – CONCLUSION

Choosing a tablet that will give you a great gaming experience is a lot like choosing a gaming computer. You need to first look at the official hardware requirements for the game you are interested in. If you want to get the best experience the tablet should meet at least recommended requirements.

It is well known that tablets tend to get a little “slower” over time. Additionally, mobile games usually get updated more frequently. So to be on the safe side a good rule of thumb is to pick a tablet that has at least one grade better components than recommended.

Any tablet from our list will give you the best gaming experience. So if you stay within our selection of the best tablets for PUBG you are good and ready to go. Have fun gaming.

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