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About Nihrida

We are three friends that share the same passion and enthusiasm for everything that has anything to do with taking photos or videos.

Our story begins way back in high school. We all loved taking photos of stuff even back then. That’s why by no coincidence we first met at the afternoon photography course that we all enrolled at the same time.

At that time we hung out a lot, discussing photography gear and shooting thousands of photos and videos. But mostly just having a great time with our hobby. After high school, we all went to different Universities and after that, we gradually have lost contact.

It wasn’t until last year that we met again at our High school reunion. We were all surprised that even though we lost contact with each other and even though much time has passed, we all kept this passion for photography. We agreed that this time we must stay in contact.

That’s when we got a brilliant idea, that we should start our own photography blog. This way we would stay in contact, write about the topic that we all love and create helpful content for others that share the same passion. It is the perfect solution!

Why Nihrida you might ask? Well, the word originates from the Middle East since before BC and it means taking a moment in life and remembering it well. And this is exactly what happens when you take a photo. You capture a moment on a piece of paper so you can relive through the feelings you felt during that moment. It is really a beautiful thing.

This is the short story behind Nihrida. Whether you are just starting your photography journey or are already experienced we think you will enjoy reading our content. If you have any specific questions that you don’t find the answer on our site you can always contact us directly. We will be very happy to talk to you.

Have a great day!